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As a registered non-profit organisation we rely on donations from corporate and private donors in order to keep doing what we do – supporting livelihoods, restoring ecosystems, ensuring the good stewardship of key biodiversity areas and nurturing a generation of ‘green’ leaders.    All donations, big and small, bring us closer to fulfilling our Vision of  a ” Sustainable Future for All!”


Anywhere Where Needed

If you love the sound of everything we do and simply want to help us to build a more sustainable South Africa, donate here.

These funds will support Green-preneurship, Restoration, Stewardship and Green Leadership activities across our initiatives in South Africa.

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Become a Wildlands' Activist


We call our philanthropists, fundraisers, and opinion leaders. Activists inspire others with their actions, because they understand that people don't care how much we know until they know how much we care.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT If you new to GivenGain, enter a one-line bio, and upload your profile picture. If you are already an activist, you know what to do.

CREATE ONE OR MORE FUNDRAISING PROJECTS Select the cause you want to help and the amount you want to raise. By sharing your ideas and actions with others, you will inspire contributions for your cause.

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Conserve Land & Save a Species

Protected areas ensure the long term safeguarding of ecosystems.

They also protect the biodiversity in the area and can provide much-needed income for neighbouring communities. Wildlands activities support the formal conservation of priority biodiversity areas by expanding the land under conservation and establishing corridors that enable species adaption to Climate Change. These areas are home to endangered species such as wild dog, bearded vultures, oribi, wattled crane and others. Wildlands also facilitates the development of responsible eco-tourism related opportunities, including guiding, lodges, campsites, sustainable natural resource harvesting and game farming to help generate income for these communities and underwrite the future sustainability of an area.

Help bring more land under conservation. You'll be protecting threatened species and supporting community livelihoods at the same time!

If you would like to donate to the conservation of a particular species, please select one of the options below:


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Please select which Wildlands Initiative you would like to donate to:


Nurture a Green-Preneur

Wildlands 'Green – preneurs' are unemployed individuals who collect recycling and grow trees and organic food, and then barter what they have grown and collected for food, clothes, education support, building materials, water tanks, solar water heaters, solar powered lighting, bicycles and other goods they need.

Motivated, hard working individuals are then nurtured through training and mentorship to start and run their own small businesses.

These individuals are changing their lives, and restoring and protecting their environment at the same time.

Help a Green – preneur create a livelihood for themselves and a greener future for us all.

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Restore an Ecosystem

Climate change, the unsustainable use of natural resources and a growing population are putting ecosystems under severe pressure.

Rivers are either dry or polluted, forests and grasslands are disappearing and oceans are running out of fish. Our lives depend on theses ecosystems! Wildlands manages a range of activities that support the cleaning of our partner communities and the restoration of their existing ecosystems through recycling, alien plant removal and greening initiatives.

Help restore an ecosystem that gives you life!

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Reward a Green Leader

Wildlands works with thousands of people across South Africa to achieve its vision: from our Green – preneurs and community facilitators who are growing a greener future for themselves to the corporate leaders who make it possible.

These individuals are slowly but surely changing the world - leading by example. Wildlands aims to nurture the green leadership potential of our partners through environmental experiences, corporate volunteer weekends, 'fresh thinking' seminars and dialogues and various communications campaigns and activations.

Help build a generation of Green Leaders: individuals who think about the environment in everything they do!

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Leaving a Legacy

If you love all the work much as we do and believe in Wildlands Vision for “A Sustainable Future for All” and believe in our passion to supporting the building of a ‘Green Economy’ ,creating ‘Green Jobs’ and shaping a Green future, restoring South Africa’s natural heritage and helping transform our communities into sustainable communities, what a better way to support Wildlands, than to make a contribution from your estate through a bequest?

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